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State Officers

Meet the State Officers

State Officers are elected by their fellow members in the yearly state conference's delegate sessions. They serve as representatives for California members throughout the school year and at the national conference.

Student Leadership in Action


Cameron Sladek

Academy of Careers and Exploration

Hello, my name is Cameron Sladek, and

I am ecstatic to be one of your State Officers for the 2024-2025 year. I am a senior at the Academy of Careers and Exploration and I am currently in the medicine pathway. Other extracurriculars I am a part of at my school include being the commander of its honor guard, student athletic trainer for football, soccer, and basketball, former treasurer of CSF, and member of the National Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society, and National Honors Society of Sports Medicine. My hobbies include exercising, playing video games, and completing 3-D puzzles. With my boundless communication skills, my ability to lead, and my passion for SkillsUSA, I can assure you that this coming year will be magnificent.




Region 6

Cameron Sladek

High School President

Academy of Careers and Exploration

Region 3

Sebastian Spiridon

High School Vice President

Van Nuys High School

Region 2

Jacqueline Arreola

High School Secretary

Dinuba High School

Region 5

Mario Nieto Flores

High School Parliamentarian

Weber Institute

Region 6

Amber Wu

High School Reporter

Rowland High School

Region 5

Shanmukh Meka

Region 5 High School Vice President

Mountain House High School

Region 6

Serenity Saterfield

Region6 School Vice President 

Entrepreneur High School

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