Student Leadership in Action


Layali Homod

Academies of the Antelope Valley High

Layali Homod is currently a senior at Quartz Hill High School in the computer science program. Throughout the entirety of her high school career she has been able to develop her computer science skills. She has greatly enjoyed learning about coding and has been able to advance from intro to computer science to AP computer science A ! Along with computer science, Layali really enjoys Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Debate Club, Model United Nations, among many other things ! She loves working with a wide variety of people and hopes to expand her horizons in any way possible. While she will always enjoy computer science, after high school she aspires to become a civil rights attorney so that she can advocate for those who feel as if they may not have a voice. She hopes to give a voice to as many of SkillsUSA’s students as possible, but this is only part of the reason why Layali became a state officer. As SkillsUSA California State Officer, Layali aims to ensure that every single member of SkillsUSA knows that not only she hears them, but that all of SkillsUSA hears them. She strives to actively communicate with the members of this organization in order to ensure everyone feels involved and capable of voicing their opinions about the way in which this organization is run. Most importantly, Layali is a SkillsUSA California State Officer because she believes she will be able to make a difference, not only for everyone involved in SkillsUSA today, but for those who have yet to even hear of this association. She is passionate about SkillsUSA’s mission and wishes to see this mission through for as many students as possible. She hopes that you all can support our mission as we continue on this journey!

High School Officers:


Layali Homod

Academies of the Antelope Valley High

Vice President

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South Pasadena High School

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