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Faustino Tarin

Alumni & Friends Coordinator 

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Alumni Regional Representative (Lead)

  • Local Chapter Visits

  • Regional Conference Support/Judge

  • State Conference Support/Judge

  • Fundraising & Employer Donation Matching

  • Technical Committee (Contest Development)

  • Regional Alumni Coordinator Positions OPEN

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September 2022
August 2022
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Alumni & Friends Scholarships

As an Alumni and Friends Association, we are committed to helping students experience all that SkillsUSA has to offer. Our annual State and National Conferences have proven to be life changing for so many of our members. With the support of our A&F members we have resources to award scholarship for this purpose. 
Students who qualify to compete or attend the State or National Skills and Leadership Conference are eligible to apply for a scholarship to cover their registration fees or travel costs.

Congratulations to the 2018 A&F Scholarship recipients.
Paul Quinones Jr., Captain Charles M. Weber Institute
Diana Garcia Perez, Captain Charles M. Weber Institute
Eric Williams, Rio Linda High School
Daniela Maximiliano, Rio Linda High School
Luis Ortiz, Rancho Buena Vista High School
Emily Xiong, Rio Linda Senior High School
Jocelyn Bryanna Rosales, Captain Charles M. Weber Institute
Madison Harris, Paso Robles High School
Gillian Ochinang, Soledad High School
Jane Earley, Academies of the Antelope Valley
Ayla Moreno, Academies of the Antelope Valley
Huyen Vuong, Temple City High School
Mei Yi Chow, Temple City High School

Congratulations to the 2017 A&F Scholarship recipients.
Owen Giles, South Pasadena HS
Richard Simms, South Pasadena HS
Stone V. Franco, South Pasadena HS
Michelle Han, South Pasadena HS

Congratulations to the 2015 A&F Scholarship recipients.
Hee Su Cho, South Pasadena HS 
Jose Vaidivia, Edward C. Merlo 
Avie Baliola, Redwood HS 
William McCrary, Rio Linda HS 
Ryoung Kim, South Pasadena HS

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