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Meet the State Team

The SkillsUSA California state leadership team is dedicated to providing support, training, and coordination to deliver the organization's programs, services, and events in alignment with the SkillsUSA mission.

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State Leadership Team

The state leadership team collaborates closely with various entities, including our state officers,
advisory committee, and board of directors, in a collective effort to pursue and accomplish the overarching mission of SkillsUSA wholeheartedly. This joint endeavor involves the coordination of resources,
sharing of insights, and pooling of expertise to advance the organization's mission, ensuring that its goals and objectives are met effectively and efficiently.


State Leadership Team

State Director

Clay Mitchell

State Assistant Director

Loretta Cabuyadao

Certified Career Essentials Teacher Trainer


CDE State Liaison

Tara Neilson

Regional Manager Regions 1 & 4

Ashley Conger

Regional Manager Regions 2 & 5

Antonio Garcia

Regional Manager Regions 3 & 6

Darlene Mitcheltree

Competitive Events Coordinator

Matt Saldana

Executive Assistant

Tanishia Jones

Alumni & Friends Coordinator

Faustino Tarin


State Officer Trainers

State Officer Trainer

Sofia Martin


State Officer Trainer

Nikki Ritchie

State Officer Trainer

Emily Cornwell


Advisory Committee

Monica Perez
CA State Advisor of the Year
Region 6 Advisor of the Year
Coachella Valley High School

Derek Corsino
Region 1 Advisors of the Year
Healdsburg High School

Walter Suazo
Region 2 Advisors of the Year
Kern High ROC

Darius Clarke
Region 3 Advisors of the Year
Stride Career Prep @ CAVA​


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