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San Joaquin




Antonio Garcia

Region 5 Manager

SkillsUSA State Officer 2022 2023 Samarth Hiremath   Mt House    new pic.jpeg

Samarth Hiremath

Mountain House High School

SkillsUSA State Regional Officer  2022 2023  Nikitha Maderamitla    Mt House   new pic.jpe

Nikitha Maderamitla

Mountain House High School

SkillsUSA State Officer 2022 2023 Pari Sharma    Mt House    new pic.jpeg

Pari Sharma

Mountain House High School

SkillsUSA State Ambassador 2022 2023 Valentino Tristan   Venture Academy   new pic.jpeg

Valentino Tristan

SJCOE Venture Academy

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Upcoming Event Details

Regional Leadership and Skill Conference

(RLSC; $20 per student, $15 per advisor) are one-day leadership and skill competitive events and seminars. Students register to compete in a leadership or skill event that is aligned to their instructional area. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded to the top 3 competitors in each event in each region. Gold medalists qualify to compete in their event at the State Leadership and Skill Conference against students from the other 5 regions throughout the State. (January/February 2022)

RLSC Graphics for Celebrating Your Student Success!
Don't forget to tag @skillsusaca
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RLSC Graphic Package.png
Printable Certificates
Conference Results


Fall Leadership Conference

(FLC; $50 per school/chapter) - Leadership Development training for Chapter Officer Team and Professional Development for all Chapter Advisors; These are held on a Saturday and are approximately 4 hours in length (September/October 2021)

54th State Virtual Leadership and Skill Conference

April 9-11 and 17-19, 2021

Virtual Region Leadership and Skill Conferences

Leadership Events: January 9, 16, 23, 2021

Skill Events: January 23, 30. February 6, 20, 2021

$20 Contestant

$0 Advisor (A minimum of 1 advisor per chapter required)

Complete level one of CEP and Register by 11/13/20

Fall Leadership Conference

Session 1: 9/26/20 Registration Closes: 9/21/20

Session 2: 10/3/20 Registration Closes: 9/28/20

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