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Quick Facts 
Benefits of Membership

* California Only

Who Can Join?

SkillsUSA  is open to students enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) class, CTE Program teachers, Administrators and Professionals.

Total Participation Plan

TPP is the affiliation plan that SkillsUSA California uses for Secondary Chapters (Middle School and High School). This plan aligns with Perkins and CTEIG funding, meaning ALL students in a class section must be registered members of the Chapter to be eligible for use of this funding. Integrating SkillsUSA (CTSO) in the classroom ensures ALL

students have access to the benefits of membership. 


​Affiliation Fees

Secondary Chapters:

(Middle School & High School - TPP)

-      Students: $10 each

-      Advisors: $40 each (minimum of 1 per program)

-      Administrators/Professionals: $40 each

Post-Secondary Chapters:

(College Level - not TPP)

-      Students: $40 each (minimum of 7 required)

-      Advisors: $40 each 

-      Administrators/Professionals: $40 each

How Do I Join?

​Register at


Membership Fees: SkillsUSA California are billed by the state association in 2 rounds. Once in December and once in March of each school year.

Events: Invoices for events are billed following the close of registration for each event.

Terms: Due on Receipt

Contact for more information.


You can register as a member anytime during the school year, however, if your chapter would like to attend events or compete in the conferences, the participants in the events/conferences will need to become a member prior to the Regional Conference Registration Closing Date. Check the Calendar .


  • A chance to learn and practice professional and leadership skills in chapter activities

  • Opportunities to compete in the SkillsUSA Championships at the local, state or national levels

  • *Career Essentials Curriculum - MS/HS Only

  • Access to career resources and contact with industry

  • Opportunities for scholarships, awards and honors

  • Meet and network with other students across the State and Nation

  • Job contacts and networking opportunities

  • Recognition from peers, teachers and leaders within the community

  • SkillsUSA Magazine Subscription

  • Speaker Series


  • Becoming a professional member of SkillsUSA is one of the best ways you can demonstrate to your students the importance of the organization and the opportunities that membership will provide.
    As a professional member, you will receive online access to the following:

  • Framework Integration Toolkit

  • Program of Work Toolkit

  • Jump Into STEM!

  • *Career Essentials Curriculum - MS/HS Only

  • SkillsUSA Championships Toolkit – includes the Technical Standards (Competition Guidelines)

  • The latest SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards 

  • Free educational resource item for early registration

  • SkillsUSA Magazine Subscription

  • Scholarship Opportunities for Students

  • Speakers Series


  • Supporting Students and Teachers

  • Improving and Developing the Workforce

  • Connection to potential employees

  • Participation in contest development

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Speaker Opportunities

  • Contest Development

  • Board & Committee Opportunities

Sample High School Affiltiation Quote: 300 Students - 4 Advisors
$10 per student + $40 per advisor (teacher) = Total Participation Affiliation Fee (300 X $10) + (4 X $40) = $3,160 TPP Affiliation Fee

  • This includes membership benefits and access to the Career Essentials Suite (Experiences & Assessments) for all students and advisors (teachers) - or - other learning material (SkillsUSA Framework Certification).

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