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Discover the abundant avenues through which SkillsUSA California Members can engage in leadership and skill conferences, equipping themselves to take charge of their chapters and seamlessly transition into the professional world.


Fall Leadership Conference

The SkillsUSA California Fall Leadership Conferences welcome both student and professional members from all regions. It serves as the optimal platform for receiving education on various subjects, including the SkillsUSA Framework, Career Essentials, Chapter of Excellence Program, Registration System, and Competitive Events.

2023 Fall Leadership Conference

Region & State Championships

The SkillsUSA Championships are competitive contests that spotlight the top career and technical education students across the country. These competitions kick off at the local level and progress through state and national tiers. The core idea behind the Championships is to commend students for their outstanding skills, engage industry experts in the direct evaluation of student performance, and ensure that training remains aligned with the requirements of employers.


Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is being designed to help develop your younger SkillsUSA California members – grades

8th - 10th to become our future leaders.  The weekend Leadership Academy will include the following:

  • Skill & Team Building activities

  • 4 Pillars of Leadership interactive seminars

  • Leadership Essentials

  • Public Speaking training and opportunities

  • And much more

More Info

SkillsUSA National Events

Did you know that there is more to explore through our national website?

Washington Leadership Training Insitute


SkillsUSA Week

National Signing Day, Professional Development, and more! Click HERE

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