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Fall Leadership Conference

Participate in an enriching career development experience with SkillsUSA California members from all over the state. Immerse yourself in a day of influential leadership development focused on the SkillsUSA Framework. This conference aims to give you the essential tools to thrive throughout the school year and succeed.


FLC Resources

2023 Recordings & Resources >> HERE <<

FLC Conference Information

At the Fall Leadership Conference: A Career Development Experience, students and advisors will:

  • Engage in interactive sessions with State Staff and the State Officer Team to cultivate and enhance your chapter management skills. Discover and refine best practices that empower you to lead your chapter effectively.

  • Delve into the wealth of SkillsUSA Resources and tools that are accessible to you, offering professional benefits, learning resources, and career experiences. Take advantage of these valuable resources to further your professional growth, expand your knowledge, and gain hands-on experience in your chosen career path.

  • Chapter leaders will participate in student-led activities that empower them to facilitate productive chapter meetings and inspire student engagement effectively. Through these activities, leaders will gain the skills and knowledge needed to create an inclusive and engaging environment, ensuring that all members are motivated to participate actively and contribute to the success of the chapter.

  • In addition, you can expect informative sessions on topics such as updates on the California Department of Education (CDE), Competition Updates, and access to premium learning resources. These sessions will provide valuable insights and updates on the latest developments in CTE.

  • Finish their day with a student demonstration of the SkillsUSA Framework Skills used in their sessions.

Kick of your SkillsUSA Year!

Who Should Attend

SkillsUSA members who have registered for the Fall Leadership Conference, an exclusive event tailored for chapter officers (limited to 10 per chapter), advisors/teachers, and administrators. We highly recommend bringing all chapter leaders to this invaluable experience, as it offers a unique opportunity to enhance their leadership, organizing, and management skills. 


Three Options to

Choose From

2023 Dates:


September 16       Option #1

                                 Hybrid | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

September 30       Option #2 - Central California

                                 Kern CTE Center | 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

October 7               Option #3 - Southern California

                                 Downey High School |  8:00 am - 12:00 pm



$75 Per Chapter, Per Date Selected


Pp to 10 Students;

Unlimited Advisors & Administrators


*** Does NOT Include breakfast or lunch ***


2023 FLC Dates and Deadlines

Registration Opens

AUGUST 7, 2023

Please register all attendees in SkillsUSA Register at 

This includes advisors, administrators, and student attendees. Remember that advisors and students must have submitted membership before registration. 

Registration Deadline

Option 1 Virtual | September 8, 2023

Option 2 - Central | September 25, 2023

Option 3 - South | October 2, 2023

Please register all attendees in SkillsUSA Register at

Invoice & Payment

Once registration closes, invoices will be emailed to the billing contact on file within 1-3 business days.

Payments can be paid online with credit or mailed to:

SkillsUSA California

1809 S. Street, Suite 101-274

Sacramento, CA 95811


State Officer-Led Programs for Chapter Officers

Staff Led Programs for Advisors and Administrators

Advisor-Led Programs for Advisors

Live Hybrid Option

(virtual access only)​

  • Participate from your campus (preferred) or home

  • A virtual guide is provided to help prepare

  • Chapter resources mailed to each chapter

In Person Option

  • Live, In Person

  • Chapter resources provided on-site


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