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Leadership and Skill Conference

RLSC is in a hybrid format, and registration costs $20 for each student and $20 for each advisor. Students can choose one from either leadership or skill competitions (within their instructional area). The top three competitors in each event within every region receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Gold and Silver medal winners earn the opportunity to compete at the State Leadership and Skill Conference, where they'll face off against students from the other five regions across the state. Click the link above for more details.

Every contest will impose a restriction on the number of participants or teams allowed from each chapter. These limitations are established based on capacity considerations and to ensure an equitable opportunity for all chapters to take part.

Regional Conference results, encompassing medalists and scores, are provided here. The top two positions are assured advancement to the state conference. Additional placements will be extended based on available space to the contestants with the next highest scores, denoted as ATS (Advance to State).

State Leadership & Skill Conference Information

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