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SkillsUSA California

Ordering Eligibility & Process

Order By 2/28/25



SkillsUSA California is a Total Participation Plan (TPP) contract for our state association middle and high school chapters. The fees paid by chapters are used to offset instructional materials costs to the State association so that we can make these materials available to all student members and advisors as requested. As a result, fees are an allowable expenditure for Carl D. Perkins and CTE Incentive grant funds. 

  • Be an active SkillsUSA California TPP Chapter

  • Be Registered Members of SkillsUSA California

  • Each Program in a chapter must have an advisor/professional member

  • Complete an online inquiry form with the national office

Process & Guidelines

Once you have registered all your students as members of your chapter, each advisor/teacher will need to order access to Career Essentials or Framework Certification. (This is not automatic)

  • You may only order enough for the registered students. (This will be verified by the national office.)

  • You can add new members and order additional access at any time


Additional Information for Career Essentials

  • You may order a combination of levels. However, we recommend that you start with Exploratory for Middle School and Fundamentals for High School. A Career Essentials Coach can assist you with this choice.

  • You can schedule a one-on-one or group training with the national Career Essential Coaches.

  • You will get access to one complete suite per member. (Pre-Assessment, Experiences, and Post-Assessment). Additional levels or assessments may be purchased directly from the national office.

  • Complete this form in the link below.

  • A national staff member will contact you within 72 hours to complete the ordering process.

Click for more information about Career Essentials or Framework Certification.


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