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Presentor Application

We're thrilled to share that applications are currently open for career and workforce-focused presentations or workshops at the 57th California Leadership and Skills Conference! With an anticipated attendance of over 3000 students and teachers from across California, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise. These sessions will be accessible to all registered conference attendees. 


We're in search of engaging presentations from industry experts and targeted messages for educators and students gearing up for careers in related fields. Presenters from business and industry professionals* to educators passionate about sharing valuable experiences, professional development opportunities, and insights into new and emerging technologies/resources are a good fit.


Presentations and Workshops

Friday, April 5th and Saturday April 6th

Ontiaro Convention Center

Please review and apply by March 22nd to be considered for our schedule.

*Business and industry presentations should primarily center around providing information and enhancing professional development, fostering skill-building, and addressing industry trends. Presenters are not permitted to advertise or sell services or products to attendees during these sessions. However, exhibitor space is available specifically for promotional purposes. Exhibitor Application

Date Selection
Duration Requested
Topic Content

Please provide a brief description of the content you would like to present.

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