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How to get deep empathy from the reader

A source of real emotion for a book

One of the most famous pieces of advice from master writers to beginners is this: write about what you know. And, of course, the first thing young authors start with is their own feelings, observations and emotions.

Actors have a little trick: when they need to play a feeling on the screen or stage: the pain of loss, despair or the joy of meeting - they turn to their own emotional "baggage" and look for an analogy.

How does this work? Perhaps pay someone to write a paper in 3 hours an actor has never lost a loved one, and he needs to play a son at his dying mother's bedside. Any attempt to simply portray pain and grief will be a definite failure - the audience will feel the falsity immediately, if the feelings are only on the face and not in the heart. In this situation, a good actor is looking for in the past, when he experienced something similar. And turns to those feelings that overwhelmed him on the day, for example, when his beloved dog was hit by a car. And relives them anew, allowing the viewer to touch his true pain and grief. And then the viewer believes.

A good writer college essays for sale does the same thing - he remembers or relives his own authentic, real feelings and puts them into the book. And if to do this, he, like an actor, has to get into the skin of the hero - then he gets in. And feels. And cries real tears. And he hates with genuine, burning hatred. And loves unquenchable love.

A writer, like an actor, must master the art of reincarnation. Actor reincarnation is more spectacular, but the writer - deeper.

It is important to remember one little nuance.

Working with emotions - to melt them into text - is best not "hot on the trail," not when it hurts beyond belief, but later. Give yourself algebra homework help time to emerge from the whirlpool of feelings, sort the sensations into separate elements (how breathing behaves, what's in your thoughts, where and what's going on in your body, etc.) - and only then write.

You don't have to do it all the time, but once you do, it can be a useful experience and help you describe the emotions and experiences of your characters.

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