2021 SkillsUSA California

Regional Leadership & Skill Conference 

Demonstration Video Submission Guidelines

For all regional contests that require a video demonstration submission please review the requirements as described in the specific contest updates HERE as well as the guidelines below.. 

Be sure to check for upload deadlines, prompts, required content, time limits etc.

Entries will be judged and placement will be awarded by region. 

Results will be posted by the conclusion of the regional conferences on your regional page.

Winners will be invited to compete at the State Leadership and Skills Conference for a chance to advance to the National Conference.

Please Consider the Following:

____ You must be registered for your chosen contest through the SkillsUSA CA registration site 
          by November 13, 2020. 


____ Your advisor will be provided with your contestant number, upload and or exam link by email.

____ Prepare a video demonstrating your knowledge of the competencies described in the regional
         contest updates. Length of video required may vary by contest.


____ Completed Audio and Video project files will be uploaded to your offsite providers 
(Vimeo, Google, YouTube, Drop Box, etc.) A link from your contest team will be
provided to SkillsUSA CA on the Contest Entry form. Please double check permission and access to your 
submission entry  and the link before. All entries are final.


____ Upload a resume in PDF format for each contestant. Resume Sample

____ Team contests will only need to complete one entry form.


____ Some events also require an exam. This link will also be provided and each contestant will need
         to complete the exam.


____ All team members need to be present in the video. Example: Together in a virtual meeting or
video's edited together so that all contestants are shown contributing to the final video.
         No physical meeting is required.

____ Students must state their contestant numbers in the video introduction.
         Please do not use first or last names.

____ SkillsUSA Official Dress is NOT required. Clothing must be unbranded with no words, images, or
          logos. SkillsUSA or SkillsUSA California attire is recommended.


____ Deadlines for each contest can be found in the individual contest updates.


Late entries will not be accepted. A confirmation email receipt will appear at the end of the submission form. Results will be posted on the website with all regional event scores

*Guidelines above are subject to change without notice.