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SkillsUSA California Regionional

Leadership & Skill Conference 

Demonstration Video Submission


Your contest will not run live at the Regional Leadership and Skill Conference (RLSC). To be eligible to advance to state you will need to submit a video demonstration as your entry into your contest. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PHYSICALLY ATTEND THE RLSC. Entries will be judged and placement will be awarded and posted with all other regional contest results using the following contest criteria:


____ You must be registered for your chosen contest through the SkillsUSA CA registration site 
          by November 22, 2019.

____ Prepare a 3-5 minute video demonstrating your knowledge of the competencies 
         described in the regional contest catalog. 

____ Include a scan/picture of student school identification and student class


____ Include your name, school, and contest name in an introduction with your Advisor present
         and on video.


____ Briefly describe what you will demonstrate.


____ Clearly demonstrate your knowledge of your skill and show us a live sample of the
         process, before and after or step by step.


____ Upload video in MP4 format on the state website. www.skillsusaca.org


____ The deadline to submit is 7 days prior to your scheduled and posted regional conference date.


Late entries will not be accepted. A confirmation email receipt will appear and the end of the submission form. Results will be posted on the website with all regional event scores.

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards are the official rules of all Nationally recognize contests. The official Technical Standards can be found on the SkillsUSA Registration Site by logging in with your paid professional membership and Pin number (retrieval guide found here). Please be sure to reference the Technical Standards for the current school year, as they are updated on an annual basis by the National SkillsUSA Staff. 

Please note that all California Only contests are governed by their own rules not found in the official technical standards. These contest rules can be found on the state website.