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Welcome to Region 6

Serving Mono, Inyo, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego and Imperial counties.

2016-2017 Region 6 Updates

Registration has closed for the 2016-2017 competition year. Our region has grown again, this year we are at 1439 student competitors, a large increase over the last year. Five years ago we were half this size.  Thank you for your continued support and congratulations on your local chapter's growth and to all the new chapters in the region.

2017 Region 6 Conference Results click HERE.

Items below in underlined Italics were updated on 1-17-17


Contests hosted as Job Demonstration

Even with such large growth, we still have many contest areas that have very few competitors. In some cases we do not hold a full live contest, and these are called Job Demos. We only do this for contests where it isn't feasible to run a full contest for a small number based on multiple things such as material cost and space required. These students are asked to do a five to seven minute presentation/demonstration on a subset of their contest in front of a panel of judges. The rules are similar to Job Demo Open, an official contest. Students are still judged and scored in the contest for which they registered and can still advance to the State level competitions in that contest. We are proud to have less contests on this list than any prior year.

Additive Manufacturing
Audio/Radio Production
Automotive Refinishing Technology
Basic Health Care Skills
Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Justice
Graphic Imaging - Sublimation
Health Knowledge Bowl
Humanoid Robotics
Motorcycle Repair
Nail Care
Power Equipment Technology
Robotics and Automation Technology

Team Contests

One of the recent changes at the National level was to remove ranges of team sizes in all team contests. There are now only specific team sizes allowed in every team contest. In support of this change, on the day of the regional event, all teams must contain the required number of contestants to compete at the regional level without penalty. Teams with fewer members will lose a percentage of their score but will be allowed to compete. This is the same practice as at the State and National Conference. Substitutions are allowed only on team events based on SkillsUSA California guidelines:
  • Substitutes on a team event may be any SkillsUSA member who is registered for the regional conference.
  • No student may compete in more than the allowed number of contests, 1 leadership and 1 skill.
  • Substitutes will wear the team badge of the missing member, names cannot be changed.
  • There must be at least one original member of the team present.


Mobile Robotics Contest Update

Here are the 2017 contest guidelines from the national office (

This contest often causes advisors to feel rushed because the "game" setup for the current year's contest is always released seemingly at the last second. This is out of our hands and provided by the National SkillsUSA and IntelliTek organizations. For consistency and to help students better prepare their robots for this competition we will be operating the contest this year and into the future based on each year's past practice: The robot is always constructed using parts listed for the Classroom Super Kit. The "game" is always a version of the current year's Vex Robotics game that is modified to a single player format. The same field elements are used but often in a different configuration. This is how we will host our regional event. We have always had the official setup of the contest by our competition date.


2016-2017 Regional Conferences:

Region 6 Skill Conference

Saturday, January 28, 2017 at San Bernardino Valley College, 701 S Mt. Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92410

Students in all contest areas EXCEPT Leadership events will compete for advancement to the State Competition. This includes skilled contests, occupationally related contests, and Job Demo contests. Lunch will not be provided, however there is time for students and advisors to get food on their own after their event.

Registration starts at 7am at SBVC in the Sun Room.

All schools must come to registration to pick up their students' badges and turn in a copy of their Form 1s for each student competitor and a single Form 2 for their school. Form 1s can be printed from the registration site by clicking on a registrants ID and selecting print NLSC Form 1; it will automatically fill in the information for the student based on the registration. Alternately, a blank Form 1 can be downloaded here.

Have a school official fill out the Form 2 for your school and bring it to registration as well. A Form 2 can be downloaded here.

The packet of badges you pick up at registration is for both events so make sure students who compete at the Leadership Conference do not lose their badges. Some students may have two badges if their are in an individual and team competition. Make sure they use the correct badge at each contest.

Programs and SBVC Map

Skills Program SBVC Map - Park in Lot 10 - Check in at CC SunRoom


Awards Cermony Update

As we experienced last year, we have far outgrown the building that houses our awards ceremonies. To address this we will be partially implementing Olympics style awards ceremonies in some contests at SBVC. In those contests judges will instruct the students to remain in the contest location after the event has ended instead of releasing them to get lunch. The judge will submit the scores then return and host that single contest's award ceremony. We feel that though the competitors will be missing the full award ceremony experience they will gain personalized feedback from the judges after the contest. All off-site contests will have their awards announced at SBVC during the 2:45pm Awards ceremony. If a school has recieved results for all of it's contests from these olympic style awards ceremonies the awards ceremony becomes optional.



Region 6 Leadership Conference

Saturday, February 4th 2017 at Granite Hills High School, 22900 Esaws Ave, Apple Valley, CA 92307

Students in Leadership contests will compete for advancement to the State Competition. Lunch will be provided for students and advisors.

Registration starts at 8am at GHHS in the Performing Arts Center.

Leadership Program



Fall Leadership Conference for Students and Advisors

Thank you for a very successful event this year. The event was Saturday, October 8, 2016 at Granite Hills High School. We had 122 students and advisors in attendance, many of which represented new chapters. The presentation from the event is available here as a pdf or PowerPoint file.

 This conference is not a competitive event, it is for all advisors and student representatives from their school's officer team. We ask each school to send at least one adult advisor and 2 student leaders. Every year there are changes and important news for vetran advisors as well as networking and information for new advisors. There is a separate agenda for students that will involve workshops and leadership training hosted by the SkillsUSA State Officers. The event runs from 8am to 2pm and lunch is provided. Please have the students wear comfortable but school-appropriate attire since they will be active; official SkillsUSA attire is not required.


Regional Coordinators:

We look forward to another successful year for SkillsUSA California Region 6 members. If we can assist you in any way, please contact us. We are both full time school district employees so we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Especially during busy times such as school startup and registration please text/call us with your question for the fastest response, email is always slower.

Thank you,

Brad Williams - Regional Coordinator/Treasurer
(760) 964-3375
Ryan Ostlie - Regional Coordinator
(760) 954-0373





Certificates and Results:


Region 6 State Cerfiticates

Region 6 Regional Certificates

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