State Officers

State Officer Trainers

Veronica Chavez  Officer Trainer (909) 251-3978
David Tayco  Officer Trainer (209) 834-4151


College Post Secondary Officers

Todd Llamas

Guadalupe Cortez

Nicolas Lane


Vice President  


 Kern ROC




High School Officers

 Victoria Venardi  President  South Pasadena High School
 Cicily Thomas  Vice President  Rio Linda High School
 Kristina Romero  Secretary  Excelsior Academy of Aviation, Medicine and Engineering
 Griselda Canchola  Treasurer  Charles M. Weber Institute
 Xavier Valencia  Parliamentarian  Warren High School
 Latrice Guyton  Reporter  Charles M. Weber Institute
 Jasmine Garcia  Region 5 Officer  Charles M. Weber Institute
 Sadrac Camacho  Region 6 Officer  Cathedral City High School