Teams of four students will be required to build a construction project, over three days, that will demonstrate their ability to work together as a Team. Each Team will be required to understand the project elements based on a detailed blue print and special instructions presented at the pre-competition orientation. Each Team must write an project completion "action plan" and will present their "action plan" as one of the "key" elements of the competition (all Team members must participate during the presentation). During the "construction project", the Team will demonstrate their ability to work together as a Team by using their carpentry, electrical, plumbing and masonry skills. Judging is based on the Team's presentation skills, ability to construct the project per "competition specified" building codes, jobsite safety and cleanliness, organized and correct ordering of materials from the competition material depot, proper use and accountability of tools and equipment and the rate of completion of the project for the Team. Teamworks is not only a Skills USA competition, but a way of learning, for each Team member, to help maximize their skills for their future.


Guidelines - Regional (2018)

Guidelines - State (2018)

Contest Plans - State (2018)

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SkillsUSA California Construction Trades Safety Test Samples

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