Graphic Communications


Contestant will participate in a seven part contest which includes the following segments in alphabetical order: DIGITAL WORKFLOW—The student will access file and follow instruction to perform preflight operations to make corrections and review overall quality of the file; ELECTRONIC PREPRESS—The student will create a file with InDesign on an Apple Computer and following instructions will create a file that matches a provided sample; FINISHING—The student will prepare and operate a paper cutter, following instruction cut paper to specifications, prepare table top folder for various folding exercises and a short written test; OFFSET PRESS OPERATIONS—The student will prepare the press, install plate, make ready to print, and print two colors on a preprinted two color sheet; ORAL PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT—The student will participate in an interview exercise; PRODUCTION PLANNING—The student will solve production problems relating to paper, ink and production; and, TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE TEST—The student will complete a general technical knowledge test.


Guidelines - Regional (2018)

Guidelines - State (2018)