Audio/Radio Production


This contest is open to active SkillsUSA members enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Audio/Radio Production programs. Teams of two students will produce (plan, write, voice, record, edit, render, etc.) a 5-minute radio production such as a PSA, NPR-style soundscape, sound rich/NPR style news story, sound & interview only news story, etc. A :30 Second Ad Spot will also be produced and inserted into the production. The completed production requires students to demonstrate their ability to plan a project that meets a specific prompt & run time; gather, edit and mix a variety of audio sources; and finally, render the completed project to a specified audio file. Contest entrants are required to submit an individually personalized resume. No written test on Audio/Radio terminology will be given at the Regional level. This is NOT a live event.

Important Notes for SkillsUSA CA Contestants

Please read the guidelines below for the State and Regional competitions and review the SkillsUSA requirements for student resumes. SkillsUSA Official Contest Dress is required and will be checked during interviews. The contest prompt will be provided prior to Regional competition. Each team is responsible for bringing to the conference all needed media, materials and personalized individual resumes for their submissions in a Team Number labeled 3-Ring Binder. No TV, control room or production equipment is needed on site during this contest. This contest is completed in advance and delivered to the Regional conference.


All winners of the competition at the Regional level will be required to review and follow all SkillsUSA CA contest rules and standards.



Contest Guidelines - Regional 2019

Contest Considerations - Regional 2019

Contest Scoresheet

Contest Example Forms

Contest Prompt