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Contest Updates

Contest updates are posted as they are received from the Technical Committee Chairs and Contest Coordinators. If information is not listed through the links below, refer to the National Technical Standards for base line contest information. Check back often as updates are coming in regularly.

All clothing requirements will be in line with the National Clothing Guidelines minus the logo.  Click here for latest guidelines.

SkillsUSA Knowledge Test

The SkillsUSA Knowledge test will be given online this year.  The test will be available starting Sunday April 14th at 5:00 pm and will close on April 25th at 7:00 pm.  Please review the study guide to prepare for the test.  Click here for testing instructions.  Good luck and see you in Ontario. 

2019 Knowledge Test Study Guide

ID Contest Type Team Scope
VA 3-D Visualization and Animation Skill Yes - 2 National
CA-2SE 20 SECOND ELEVATOR STORY Leadership   State Only
AMF Additive Manufacturing  Skill Yes - 2 National
AS Action Skills Leadership   National
ADV Advertising Design Skill   National
AM American Spirit Leadership Yes - 3 National
CA-ADD Architectural Design Skill   State Only
AD Architectural Drafting Skill   National
RAP Audio/Radio Production Skill Yes - 2 National
MFG Automated Manufacturing Technology Skill Yes - 3 National
ART Auto Refinishing Technology Skill   National
AST Automotive Service Technology Skill   National
AMT Aviation Maintenance Technology Skill   National
BAR Barbering Skill   National (Demo)
CARE Basic Health Care Skills Skill  
TVN Broadcast News Production Skill Yes - 4 National
BLMT Building Maintenance Skill   National
CM Cabinetmaking Skill   National
CPS Career Pathways Showcase (Changed to 6 Pathways in 2017) Skill Yes - 3 National
C Carpentry Skill   National
CBP Chapter Business Procedure Leadership Yes - 6 National
DIS Chapter Display Leadership Yes - 3 National
CNCM CNC Milling Specialist Skill   National
PMT CNC Technician (Formerly Precision Machining Technology) Skill   National
CNCT CNC Turning Specialist Skill   National
CA-CO2R CO2 Dragster Skill   State Only
CDA Collision Damage Appraisal Skill   National (Demo)
CRT Collision Repair Technology Skill   National
CB Commercial Baking Skill   National
CAP Community Action Project (Demonstration) Leadership Yes - 2 National
CS Community Service Leadership Yes - 3 National
CP Computer Programming Skill   National
CO Cosmetology Skill   National
CA-VC Creed Leadership   State Only
CSI Crime Scene Investigation Skill Yes - 3 National
CJ Criminal Justice Skill   National
CA Culinary Arts Skill   National
CUS Customer Service Skill   National
CSE Cyber Security Skill Yes - 2 National (Demo)
DA Dental Assisting Skill   National
DET Diesel Equipment Technology Skill   National
VPD Digital Cinema Production Skill Yes - 2 National
PRE Early Childhood Education Skill   National
ECW Electrical Construction Wiring Skill   National
ET Electronics Technology Skill   National
EAP Employment Application Process Leadership   National
ENG Engineering Technology/Design Skill Yes - 3 National
ENTR Entrepreneurship Skill Yes - 4 National
EST Esthetics Skill   National
ES Extemporaneous Speaking Leadership   National
FF Firefighting Skill   National
CPR First Aid-CPR Skill   National
GC Graphic Communications Skill   National
GIS Graphic Imaging Sublimation  Skill   National
BOWL Health Knowledge Bowl Skill Yes - 4 National
HOPP Health Occupations Professional Portfolio Skill   National
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Skill   National
HR Humanoid Robotics  Skill Yes - 2 State Only
MOTR Industrial Motor Control Skill   National
CMT Information Technology Services Skill   National
IAGD Interactive Application and Video Game Development Skill Yes - 2 National
WORK Internetworking Skill   National
CA-IAD Introductory Advertising Design  Skill   State Only
CA-IDA Introductory Drafting A (9-10) Skill   State Only
CA-IDB Introductory Drafting B (11-12) Skill   State Only
CA-WI Introductory Woodworking Skill   State Only
JI Job Interview Leadership   National
JSDA Job Skill Demonstration A Leadership   National (MS, too)
JSDO Job Skill Demonstration O Leadership   National (MS, too)
MAT Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology Skill   National
MT Marine Service Technology Skill   National
M Masonry Skill   National
MECH Mechatronics Skill Yes - 2 National
MA Medical Assisting Skill   National
MM Medical Math Skill   National
MTM Medical Terminology Skill   National
MEI Mobile Electronics Installation Skill   National
MRT Mobile Robotics Technology   Skill Yes - 2  National
MST Motorcycle Service Technology Skill   National
MLR Maintenance Light Repair Skill  No-High School Only National (Demo)
NAIL Nail Care Skill   National
NA Nurse Assisting Skill   National
OHSS Occupational Health and Safety – Single
Leadership Yes - 3 National
OHSM Occupational Health and Safety – Multiple Leadership Yes - 3 National
OCC Opening and Closing Ceremonies Leadership Yes - 7 National (MS, too)
OUT Outstanding Chapter Leadership Yes - 3 National (MS, too)
P Photography Skill   National
PIN Pin Design Leadership   National (MS, too)
PLB Plumbing Skill   National
PET Power Equipment Technology Skill   National
PN Practical Nursing Skill   National
PS Prepared Speech Leadership   National
PT Principles of Engineering/Technology Skill   National
BB Promotional Bulletin Board Leadership Yes - 3 National
QUIZ Quiz Bowl Leadership Yes - 5 National
RTM Related Technical Math Skill   National
RSI Residential Systems Installation and Maintenance Skill   National
FBS Restaurant Service Skill   National
RAT Robotics and Automation Technology Skill Yes - 2 National
USR Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue (Demonstration) Skill Yes - 2 National (MC, too)
SP Screen Printing Technology Skill   National
SM Sheet Metal Skill   National

Team Engineering Challenge

Skill Yes - 3 National (MS ONLY)
TW TeamWorks Skill Yes - 4 National
TECH Technical Computer Applications Skill   National
CA-TDD Technical Design Skill   State Only
TD Technical Drafting Skill   National
CAB Telecommunications Cabling Skill   National
TV Television (Video) Production Skill Yes - 2 National
TSD T-shirt Design Leadership   National
WEB Web Design Skill Yes - 2 National
W Welding Skill   National
WF Welding Fabrication Skill Yes - 3 National
CA-MIG Welding, MIG Skill   State Only
CA-OA Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Skill   State Only
WS Welding Sculpture Skill   National
CA-SMAW Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Skill   State Only
CA-TIG Welding, Tig Skill   State Only